5 Best Animated Movies

The trend of animated movies is not a unique one. It has been around for some years and filmmakers have been making attempts to release the highest quality of movies for people. Over the years, countless anime movies have made their mark on the hearts of individuals, but there are some that will forever remain on top, regardless of how many more movies are released. Here is a record of some of the best-animated movies of all time that have been highly successful commercially, as well as regarding fans:

Iron Giant: Brad Bird is often regarded as the most crazy talented story writer in the realm of animation because of the Iron Giant. He had made this movie before he was classified as one of the brain deities at Pixar. A political landscape was kept in mind when the story of Iron Giant was told. An alien robot is befriended by Hogarth when the first rounds of the Cold War were sounded by Sputnik. Tropes of Sci-Fi from the 1950s were also added to the story. Nonetheless, the boy’s friend, the doomsday machine was discovered and people try to shoot him down instead of getting to know him. Hence, the Iron Giant proves to be more human than the people who want to kill him.

Toy Story 2: Four years after the first Toy Story, Buzz and Woody returned and with their consistent adventures, actually managed to top the masterpiece that was their predecessor. Their owner Andy is on a trip to summer camp and they are left behind, but soon they have to combat with a threat. The imagination and the technical factor was amazing, especially with the aid of render server gives images a real look.

The Incredibles: This movie is regarded as one of the finest efforts of Pixar in the animation realm. Superheroes are a profitable business as the company proved with this anime movie. Although it bears numerous similarities with the Fantastic Four, the Incredibles is not based on a comic book series. It shows a dysfunctional family of superheroes and offers plenty of action for the kids.

WALL-E: The theme of isolation is very common in most of the animation movies made by Pixar. The crowning achievement of the studio is WALL-E, which depicts loneliness in a breathtaking manner. It also shows the desire of every individual to connect with someone. This robot turned out to be completely different from the typical ones and had a fantastic outlook.

Beauty and The Beast: A story as old as time, this is perhaps one of the best-animated movies ever to grace the cinematic screen. Walt Disney came up with this musical fantasy that became an important commercial success for the company. It became more than just any other cartoon, judging from the reaction of the audience and the Oscar nomination it received.

These are the top 5 animated movies that have been made by studios. Nowadays, they are using blender render firm and other enhancements to make animations even more realistic and memorable.


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