What does it take to make a movie?

What Does it take to make a movie

Needless to say, we all love movies- there is nothing quite like relaxing in a comfortable seat with a big tub of buttered popcorn while watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster on your big screen. But have you ever stopped to wonder what it takes to make a movie?

If you are like most people, you have probably enjoyed watching funny videos at one time or the other on online video sites such as YouTube etc. Some of your friends may even have made their own homemade movies which they then uploaded online for you and their other friends to watch. But what about the big-screen attractions you pay money to see in theaters? Well, those movies take more than a few minutes and a few people to create. In fact, some of the biggest blockbuster movies ever made take years of planning, months to shoot, and thousands of people to create. Below, therefore, we take a look at what it takes to make a movie in 8 easy steps (the first five of which are generally referred to as Pre-production) as follows:

  1. Script

This is the backbone of any movie and refers to a story that is written in dramatic fashion. It is normally said that one page of a script is equal to one minute of movie time i.e. for a 100 page script expect to watch a 100 minute movie. Before writing your script, however, it is important to map out your story in 3 lines as follows:

  • Line1- The premise
  • Line 2- Hook
  • Line 3- Release
  1. Location scouting

This means identifying and zeroing in on locations as called for by the script. For short or low budget movies, it is advisable to keep the script lean so that the entire filming process takes place in only a few locations since renting locations is quite expensive.

  1. Crew

Crews can comprise 2-3 people or can be quite big depending on the movie’s budget. Some of the vital roles on a professional shoot include:

  • Director- who directs the shooting process
  • Director of Photography- manages the lighting and camera
  • First Assistant Director- Supervises production schedules
  • Continuity person- Ensures that there are no continuity issues
  • Others- Makeup, sound, art director etc.
  1. Casting

This refers to finding actors for your movie. Here, you can use sites such as AT2 and StarNow to list your casting call. Thereafter, it is advisable to set a day where you can get each applicant physically in front of a camera so that they can play or recite a particular scene from your script.

  1. Shot list and production schedule

This is, undoubtedly, the most important aspect before shooting commences. It is expected that by this stage, the script has been locked in and actors, locations, and crew finalized.

  1. Filming

If you are the director, you must be prepared to work on each and every shot as per the shot list and direct it as well. This involves communicating with the actors and crew about what a particular shot entails then doing a walk-through or block with the actors of where their starting position, final position, and lines etc. are throughout the duration of the shot. Also, it is advisable to communicate with the actors at this stage on what kind of performance is expected.

  1. Post production

Post-production involves stitching together each shot that was filmed in order to produce something that actually makes sense. In addition, music for the movie is composed and added at this stage.

  1. Release

This involves submitting your movie to multiple film festivals in order to create awareness for your work.



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